We supply kiln dryed square edged timber all over the world. For any purpose, in accordance with GOST.
We know exactly how much raw materials we can log from the forest and bring to the plant, that’s why we always give real dates of supplies to our clients. We observe the technical rules of machine servicing and expertly prepare the cutting tools.
  • own forest areas,
  • own machinery,
  • own logistics,
  • accuracy at every step of production.
Our product is sold to more than 30 countries in 3 continents

We send final timber from the plant by automobile, railway, river transport.

An expert from the sales department can help to choose the most favorable and convenient logistics route of delivering anywhere in the world.

Portion of supplies
over 1 and 2 quarters
of 2018
  • Russia— 10000m3
  • Benelux — 10000m3
  • Baltics — 7500m3
  • CIS — 6000m3
  • China — 5500m3
  • Germany — 4500m3
  • Meditterenaen — 2000m3
  • India, South East Asia — 1500m3
  • Australia — 1000m3
  • Others — 6000m3
We produce 10 000 m³ of kiln dryed timber every month

Red October — timber plant with a century-old history.

In 2000 the plant raised a foreign investment and since then it’s committed to intensive development and compliance with international standards of logging and woodworking.

By 2017 we’ve turned around the processor chain, have installed advanced equipment for logging and primary wood processing.

Aleksandr Susloparov
CEO of LLC «Red October»
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 501
Andrey Shishkin
Director RO Forest (forestry department)
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 502
Dmitry Belonogov
Director RO Timber (sawn timber department)
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 520
Maxim Baimirzaev
Director RO Nerud (innert materials department)
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 119
Stavros Hadjiyiannis
Commercial Director of LLC «Red October»
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 540. Сommercial department, Tel.: + 7 (342) 256-40-20
Sergey Tyabin
Head of timber sales department
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 515. Сommercial department, Tel.: + 7 (342) 256-40-20
Dmitry Pashkovsky
Director of technical innovations and quality
+7 (342) 256-40-50, ext. 503
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